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Africa Continents - How Many Countries can be found In Africa? (African Countries) - Fact

AFRICA Africa is listed among one of the continent in the world. It is mostly dominated by the blacks where there are numerous mineral resources found in it. The question is how many countries in Africa? There are 54 countries in Africa. Each of them are independent countries that has laws governing them. They are recognized globally. Below is the list of countries found in Africa.
S/N COUNTRY 1. Algeria 2. Angola 3. Benin 4. Botswana

Major Seven (7) Continents List In The World - Fact

Continents can literally be defined as a platform or place that has land mass which has water and borders for habitation of living and non living things. There are major seven (7) continent lists in the world that are widely known. These continents are listed below:

Each of these continent enlisted here have differs people with different ethnic culture, beliefs and ways of life. Each of these continents has population, land mass in sq.kms and countries. There are some inhabitants or living things that well exist in some continent and cannot be found in the other continent. These attributes makes each of these continent unique.

My Husband Scares Me To Death But He Still Loves Me. What Should I Do?

Good day to you sir, I got to know about this program of yours through a friend. Please I need your urgent counselling because I'm about to divorce my husband.

We have been married for six years and my husband has been very caring. He can go to any length to show me he cares about me but he has one terrible character. He is a very jealous person and can go deadly with it. He gets disturbed at any slight suspicion. He has threatened me to stop my Master’s program so as to avoid his trouble. For three times, when he visited me in school and saw male students talking to me, he would first embarrass me then gives me the beating of my life at home.The strange thing is that he would always come back the next day to beg me. how possible is it that i would be in a school and not come in contact with a guy , its a mixed university for Christsake.

I have called the attention of our friends and parents to this but he hates third party-involvement and so the situation has not changed. Recently …

The Benefits Of Eating Coconut For Skin And Hair

Skin and hair are of importance to man and the following below are the nutritional benefits of eating coconut as regards skin and hair.
  1. Coconut gives the body more resistance to anything that would affect the body.  Thereby providing immunity to the body system
  2. Coconut helps in the treatment of the hair, reduces breakage of the hair and        minimize dandruff
  3. Usage of coconut oil to the skin, makes it look more fresher and the person would   look more younger because of cute skin
  4. It reduces the stress it takes to remove stubborn make up and it makes the part of  that skin fresher
  5. It retains the complexion of the skin and can be maintained over a period of time
  6. With the usage of coconut oil on the hands, it makes it soft and tender
  7. It reduces the effects of virus, bacteria and fungi and many other harsh skin  implication on man
  8. Coconut oil assist in the reducing inflammation in the body system
  9. It destroys infections that grows from the hair
10. Acne can …