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My Husband Scares Me To Death But He Still Loves Me. What Should I Do? - Scared Of Love

Scared Of Love
Good day to you sir, I got to know about this program of yours through a friend. Please I need your urgent counselling because I'm about to divorce my husband.

We have been married for six years and my husband has been very caring. He can go to any length to show me he cares about me but he has one terrible character. He is a very jealous person and can go deadly with it. He gets disturbed at any slight suspicion. He has threatened me to stop my Master’s program so as to avoid his trouble. For three times, when he visited me in school and saw male students talking to me, he would first embarrass me then gives me the beating of my life at home.The strange thing is that he would always come back the next day to beg me. how possible is it that i would be in a school and not come in contact with a guy , its a mixed university for Christsake.

I have called the attention of our friends and parents to this but he hates third party-involvement and so the situation has not chan…

Benefits Of Groundnut

Groundnuts are generally common in the society at large and very nutritional to the body and can replenish the body system. It originally originated from South America but now in circulation globally and can be found at convenience. It can be regarded as peanut from the Legumes. The health benefits are many.
The following below are the benefits of groundnuts:
1. Reduction Of Weight: Groundnut is embedded with the nutritional value to reduce weight in the body. The more it is eaten, the more weight in the body is being reduced. It is of advantage to people who really want to reduce in weight. It is a good diet to behold for reduction of weight. 2. Reduce The Level Of Blood Sugar Level In The Body: It has been researched that eating of groundnut reduces the level of blood sugar level in the body. It disintegrates carbohydrate and fat, accumulate some level of magnesium and calcium to the body system. The higher groundnut consumption to the body, the better the chances of systematically red…

He Raped And Dis-virgined Me At 13, 10 Years Later He Is Begging To Marry Me

Rape And Marriage
Please I need your help, When I was thirteen, my sister had a boyfriend and they had been dating for about two months and then I invited him to our church. He avoided it for a couple of weeks but I persisted until he agreed and told m that I should stop by at his house on my way to church on Sunday to pick him so we could go together. 

So this fateful Sunday morning, I stopped over at his house to pick him for church. He asked me to wait at the sitting room so he'll finish dressing up and join me. I waited a couple of minutes, and he came back to the sitting room in his boxers and singlet, surprised I asked him why he wasn’t dressed yet and he said he wanted to talk to me first but at the end of the day he raped me despite my pleas that I was a virgin. I was broken, I was thirteen and didn't know what to do. I couldn't talk to anyone, I didn't have a close relationship with my parents or any of my siblings, so I just kept it to myself and prayed that I …