The Benefits Of Eating Coconut For Skin And Hair

Skin and hair are of importance to man and the following below are the nutritional benefits of eating coconut as regards skin and hair.

  1. Coconut gives the body more resistance to anything that would affect the body. 
      Thereby providing immunity to the body system

  2. Coconut helps in the treatment of the hair, reduces breakage of the hair and      
       minimize dandruff

  3. Usage of coconut oil to the skin, makes it look more fresher and the person would  
      look more younger because of cute skin

  4. It reduces the stress it takes to remove stubborn make up and it makes the part of 
      that skin fresher

  5. It retains the complexion of the skin and can be maintained over a period of time

  6. With the usage of coconut oil on the hands, it makes it soft and tender

  7. It reduces the effects of virus, bacteria and fungi and many other harsh skin 
    implication on man

  8. Coconut oil assist in the reducing inflammation in the body system

  9. It destroys infections that grows from the hair

10. Acne can be avoided if coconut milk is used

11. Coconut oil works against eczema when being applied properly

12. It protects the skin from the sun, thereby reducing harshness of the sun to the skin

13. Coconut oil when applied to the skin helps it to avoid skin dryness

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