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Many Ways On How To Impress Your Boss And Get Promoted At Work

Many Ways On How To Impress Your Boss And Get Promoted At Work - Inemac


Work in the context of an office environment is a means of carrying out duties expected or designed from someone in order to achieve a particular goal or expectation.


Workplace is defined as a conducive environment designed for work activities where it can be carried out during a specific time.


Boss is superior official personnel in a workplace of a unit or overall that gives instructions or directives for a particular assignment to be carried out. This is a person that has people working under his or her supervision for a designated assignment to be carried out. He or she make sensitive decision making that can either make or mar the goal or objective of a particular project. It is a very sensitive and delicate role or assignment any person can or is suppose to handle.

Impressing Your Boss At Work

In a workplace environment, it takes two to tangle. If the relationship between employee and the boss in a place of work is not cordial or both of them do not speak in one voice, there is bound to be controversies and it is not a good story to tell about the result of the aftermath as related to outcome of event that would occur thereafter. Once there is a good communication link between an employee and the boss, there will be no restriction in achieving the best in all business endeavors. Below are the ways of how a boss can be impressed.

1. Focusing On Work: This is a way of putting all attention at work without getting distracted. At work, there are bound to be distractions from co workers, long phone call conversation that might not be relevant to work, doing things or performing activities that is not related to work. At times, there could be personnel emotional challenges that could weigh one down but it should be properly handled so that all attention should be put on focus towards the work to achieve all possible goals.

2. Busy At Work: It is not good for one to be idle or not have anything to do. It is very good for one to have a schedule of what to do and do it in order of priority. Once a boss sees an employee always busy doing the right thing at the right time, such boss will be really impressed with such staff.

3. Work Smart: This means working more with intelligent than working hard in order to achieve more in the course of work. When the use of intelligence is high, it will be easier and require less effort or less of hard work to accomplish the same job to achieve the best result. It is better to work smart than to work hard. This involves the use of strategies, ideas, concrete and achievable plans to get a good and better result.

4. Early Bird: Early bird implies someone who goes to work early. Never come to come to work late except on exceptional cases. Coming to work early gives an impression of seriousness mindedness and commitment at heart towards work in the mind of the boss. This is a very good for the progress of the job at hand.

5. Honesty (Being A Man Or Woman Of Your Word): Honesty is being sincere with what one says or do. It also means being truthful. Once a project is done and the employee is not truthful concerning the report or state of the work, the boss will not be impressed and would love to give that same particular job to someone else despising the former employee. Whenever an employee says something positive about what he or she is going to do, it maybe a plan, documentation or activities concerning the work, the staff does what he or she says without any doubt in fulfillment of the words which will bring a great improvement to the job at hand.

6. Being Informed And Have Detailed Report: Being informed means that whatever work the staff is doing, should give a full information of what is being done and can give a detailed and explanatory report about what has been done. This will allow the boss to have a full knowledge of what goes around in the place of work whether he or she is there or not. The boss with this information can have a forecast of what the outcome of the work will be in future. With the staff that gives detailed information, the boss will be please at all times to have the staff around.

7. Always Be On The Look Out To Assist Your Boss: It is most certainly that the boss will always have a lot to do at hand and would look for anyone who is capable to assist in order to make things easy. It is good to always look out for such opportunities and whenever it arises, ensure that task given be done perfectly well. If he or she do not have a full knowledge about it, should consult or recommend one who knows it and can perform the task much better and ensure a perfect well-done job.

8. Being A Professional Or The Best In What One Does: It is advisable that in whatever one does, the person should try as much as possible to be the best or a professional in what one does. With that, the person will be on top of the work at all times and can handle any professional responsibilities without fear or trembling. With that type of a person in a place of work, the boss will at all times know that there is someone in there who will deliver his or her responsibilities without supervision. There will be so much trust from other co workers as well because there will be no job pending with no one capable of handling it.

9. Decent Dressing: There is a saying which says Dress The Way You Want To Be Addressed”. When an employee is well dressed, such person can represent the company well outside and inside as well. He or she will be well presentable. Whenever a person is well dressed, consciously or unconsciously such person charisma will be increased and will do things smartly without be intimidated inwardly. Decency in dressing is well appreciated by the boss and by all. This would impress the boss and would recommend all to emulate anyone that dress decently.

10. Be Digitally Inclined And Updated: We live in a digital world where everything is digitized and for the work to acclimatize with the recent update, an employee who is has more knowledge in the use of phone and computers in promoting the work through social media will be well appreciated. Coupled with that the better use of computer system is a plus as well.

11. Positive Thinking: There are bound to be negative things, thought and issues affecting someone in and outside a place of work. If not properly handled could be a threat the person positive productivity in a place of work. A positive mindset is really to counter a negative one. When one has a positive mindset, the person would not be easily move by anything challenging but would be all the time lively. Every boss admires and be glad to such employee around always.

12. Run Away From Gossips: Gossips are words that spread around the office environment or anywhere which are negative and deteriorating concerning the lifestyle of someone. Gossips at times gets to the ears of the boss and when the person or group of persons who spread such gossips are identified, it removes any form of interest the boss has on such person and the boss will not be impressed with it.

13. Always Ready To Take Responsibilities:  There are instances where duties are being thrown at random or within a short notice. Thereby requiring the readiness of staff to pick up that job at that time. Some staff do dodge official responsibilities not knowing that unconsciously, they have deprived themselves of gaining more experience in that field of job. Once the boss detects such staff, he or she would not be pleased at all. The ever ready to do staff at all times impresses the boss.

14. Avoid Organizational Conflict: This is when there is disagreement among workers in an organization. It happens most times at work place where they are not united, no team work and no mutual communication among them all. This will not bring achievement in terms of organizational goals and objectives. Some staff are not just friendly at all which can as well affect the job at hand. For staff that is friendly, they will be able to make an organizational atmosphere conducive and calm for all organizational duties to be carried out successfully. Any boss will be so much impressed with the staff that is friendly among other colleagues for the smooth running of the organization.

15. Contributing Useful Ideas To The Company’s Growth: Ideas are plans being thought over which brings limelight of breakthrough in every dark tunnel or challenges in any business organization. Useful ideas are most times the bedrock for any organization to grow higher. When it is noticeable that any staff or group of staff brings promising ideas and whenever it is implemented always yield success as at when due, the boss will at all times be on the look out to invite such staff whenever there is need for any idea to bring the organization to a profitable growth.

16. Being Versatile: Versatile means knowing a little or more about all things and can be able to express oneself conveniently to convince all about what one have knowledge for. It also means anyone who is a multitasking individual. Having pre knowledge about everything.  All round good and competent in whatever he or she does. Anytime such staff is not around the work place, the boss will feel the organizational setup is not complete. For one to be versatile, “you must know something about everything and everything about something”.

17. Knowing More Of Your Boss: Every boss has a way or a style of he or she operate. Knowing your boss well enough will enable a staff to meet him or her at the right time to get tangible and reasonable result for the progress of the company. The reasons why there is a lot of disagreement between the boss and staff is that the staff has no understanding or knowledge of how to relate communicate or get tangible things from the boss. The staff goes at the wrong time, wrong place or encounter the boss when he or she is not in a good mood at all but the staff who study and knows all what the boss loves and hate, the time when the boss is in a good or bad mood and perfectly how to present matters concerning work to the boss will always at all times receive positive response or feedback from the boss and would be penciled down for promotion as at when due. Some boss would appreciate a staff know his or her personal life by initiating a conversation towards it but some do not welcome it at all.  

18. Meeting Deadlines: For every duty or responsibility assigned to a staff, there is always a time limit designated for the staff to report or give result of whatever duties has been assigned to him or her. If the staff is fun of giving the result late, it is not a good image portrayed by the staff but when a staff does it and submit results before time, such staff will always be regarded as a unique staff with enormous qualities.

19. Keeping Your Boss Informed Before Taking Sensitive Official Duties Or Decision: It is very good to perform official responsibilities accordingly as at when due but if one gets carried away because of how competent one is and carry out an official task without the consent of the boss, the boss will feel not being carried along and would not be pleased with it. If this continues, it would get to a point where sensitive implementation of decision and what goes on in workplace will not be known by the boss and which is not good at all. Any boss will be well pleased to be carried along by any staff all the time.

20. Leadership Qualities: It is observed most times that in a workplace, there are some staff that have these leadership qualities or traits embedded in them. Consciously or unconsciously, they act or react based on these qualities which they are conscious of or not aware of. When any boss or employer sees these attributes in a staff, they are always very happy and do all it takes to make sure such staff is around them to take care of sensitive duties or commitment in workplace. Such staff is always a boost to the organization.

21. Having Team Spirit And Not Working In Isolation: It is observed that some staff do love to work in isolation. Isolation is an act of being alone in performing any duty and welcoming no one or not associating anyone to work with you even if a helping hand is being rendered. It is also being a lone ranger, a one man squad. With this type of personality in a person, he or she may not be able to learn or know more because the more you interact with other people, the more you know and learn. Team spirit is an act of partnering with other staff, speaking in one voice and achieving a common goal and objective. Such staff as this always has a welcome embrace, confirming or positive nod from the boss.

22. Respecting All: Respect is a means of giving high regard to everyone that come across you. Both to the staff and the boss, extending it to the client, home and everywhere one goes. Once this takes place, it will definitely be reciprocated to the person in question. This is acceptable and a welcome development.

23. Humility: Humility is one who is humble. Anyone who does not exalt themselves. It speaks volume and makes anyone accords high regards to such staff. Staff with pride might likely not find favour with the boss and likewise co workers. Despite how highly placed, intelligent, financially endowed, highly connected one is, it is expected for anyone to be humble at all time. It consciously or unconsciously elevates anyone at all times.

24. Invest In Yourself: Investing in oneself means acquiring more skills, degrees, reading books, seeking information online and offline, gaining more knowledge in all ramifications and doing all it takes to be on top of your skill or profession. The investment could be for the now or in the future and definitely, it will pay more on the long run.

25. Partnering With The Boss: This refers the alliance, partnering or working with the boss most of the time. This indicates that the boss has so much trust, confidence and regards to such staff which is a plus. Such staff should try all it takes to maintain that status quo for as long as possible. This is very much okay.

With the following highlight above, these can make any boss be impressed and a possibly make staff get promoted at workplace.


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