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How Do You Handle Stress And Pressure At Work Successfully

How Do You Handle Stress And Pressure At Work Successfully - Inemac

Stress is any unstable emotional, physiological or mental effect that happens to the body as a result of tension which occurs due to the surrounding or any eventualities that happens suddenly or over a period of time.


Work is any assigned or designated activity being done by someone or a group of people to achieve a particular goal or objective.

Comparing Work With Stress

Work with stress are somehow interwoven or inter related. Whenever there is work, there is bound to be stress one way or the other. It happens when the pressure or the activities being done is on the high side and it goes alongside the other way round.
Stress is one thing that if not taken care of can bring someone down. Due to this, it has given a lot of people an ailment called high blood pressure and a lot of precautions are needed to stop this from happening.

How Do You Handle Stress And Pressure At Work

From the question above on how do you handle stress and pressure at work successfully, below are the steps one needs to take as regards that. .

1. Take A Break: To take a break is to pause for while whatsoever we are doing, take a rest for a period of time and come once again to the job at hand and perform well and better. There are times when we as individuals are occupied with a lot of work either on their desk or activities to do on ground. It is noticed that after a while it is not easy or comfortable at times to cope with what we are doing due to stress. The best thing to do as at that point in time is to take a break from whatsoever we are doing for a while before returning to the job or work on ground. If this break is not taken as at that time, it is possible to lose focus and we may not know what we are actually doing from a psychological point of view. It is possible at times that we may end up doing a lot of mistakes if care is not taken. After when the break is taken, psychologically, emotionally and mentally, we would be refreshed, think, act properly, do things the right way and at the right time.

2. Breathing Exercise For Stress: Breathing has to do with breathing in of oxygen and breathing out of carbon dioxide. This is the passage of air through the nostril and this has to be done comfortably. Where the exercise comes in is that the person in question who is undergoing stress need to be more conscious of it. Doing the breathing exercise brings a positive outcome or effect that is of benefit to the person doing it. The person would have stop what he or she is doing for a while, sit down comfortably, take a deep and long breadth, in and out for over a period of time and say like for 10 minutes to 15 minutes continuously. After this is being done, the person would feel and have a sense of relief in him or herself. This would allow the person to resume what he or she is doing and also be in a good state of mind, doing things accurately.

3. Peaceful Mindset: Peace in the context of this topic can be defined as an undisturbed state of the mind whenever there is chaos or stress in workplace. There is bound to be stress whenever there are a lot of activities to be done already. This makes the mind unstable for it to carry out any task ahead. It is required that the state of mind of the person in question should be at peace with him or herself. Time should be taken out to personally allow the mind to be at peace. With that in place, work could be carried out cordially without any worries.

4. Motivation: Motivation is any words or thoughts that one should read, say or think about all the time which would ease the sense of reasoning whenever there is stress. Stress can come as a disturbance in mental form. Motivation repels or drives away any form of discouragement that would come in the form of stress.  

5. Be Prepared: There are jobs that are stressful in nature and some are not. Even the jobs that are not stressful would become stressful when eventually it becomes tasking mentally or physically. To overcome stress, one must prepare his or her mindset all the time to handle the challenges or stress involved. Being prepared for the stress would not allow stress to be observed or noticed even if it eventually surface. To be prepared always immune one from stress which is good to allow concentration on the job or work at hand.

6. Increasing Passion For The Job At All Times: Passion can be defined as when someone has strong love and desire to do or accomplish a particular task or mission. No matter how much tasking the job is, once there is passion for the job at hand, the presence of stress would not be noticed at all. When everyone would be complaining, you would be smiling and even be on top of your game. The passion on the job would give birth to innovations and ideas that would make one be a better person on the job. It makes anyone have a right thinking mentality becoming physically and emotionally prepared for the job at hand.

7. Finding Solution To Every Challenges: Challenges is anything or event which is like a puzzle that needs to be attended to in order to achieve positive results or success. It is observed that at times when challenges surfaces and there is no answer or solution to the puzzle surrounding the challenges, work or task at hand, we might not be relaxed or comfortable which results to stress at work. The mind would not be at rest either. Once there is solution to every duty being carried out, stress will be reduced to the barest minimum. Finding solutions to every task and work on ground eliminates stress.

8. Accomplishing And Completing Every Work: Not fully accomplishing and completing any task or work designated for anyone may propel stress once the mindset is there. It is one thing to start a task and it is another thing for the task to be completed. A completed task or work on ground which we set our mindset to do reduces or eliminate stress.

9. Seek Professional Counsel Or Assistance: Once the stress or pressure gets too much in a work place, there is bound to be a state confusion or the inadequacy to technically handle certain challenges in workplace. It is appropriate to seek professional or technical counsels from the boss or colleagues to perfectly handle such challenges. Once that is done, it would reduce the amount of stress being encountered as at that point in time.

10. Making Good Use Of Your Leave Period: Leave Period in a place of work is a justifiable and appropriate absence from work for a period of time which is duly applied. This absence from work is a form of holidays or vacation from work that is granted by the organization. There is a period during the course of work that one would get stressed out and want to be away for a while in order to replenish and regain strength to continue with the job. Whenever there is an uncomfortable moment and there is less concentration in a place of work due to stress, it is advisably to duly apply for leave for a period of days to get sound mentally, physically and emotionally.

11. Prioritize Your Schedule: Schedules are list of things or activities to be done. To prioritize means to place things, work or activities in order of importance, urgency, most needed or in order of priority. Prioritizing schedules or series of work or activities on ground is most needed because if it is not being done in the right way, the most important of all the schedules or work will be left undone. Such action of neglecting such work ignorantly or in a conscious form would on the long run make all the effort of the day become unfruitful and the task for the day may not be fully accomplished. Not prioritizing schedules, allows the most important job to be done last and the least important job to be done first instead or vice versa. After a whole day of not prioritizing schedules, it would be observed that the person in question would not be fulfilled and the mindset would not be at rest thereby bringing about stress. For stress to be reduced or eliminated in a place of work, schedules should be prioritized for work to be effectively done properly.

12. Rendering Assistance: Rendering assistance is a way of helping someone most especially fellow staff in the place of work in solving a particular task or challenge at hand. With this action being taken, it would gradually reduce the stress to the barest minimum.

13. Try Having Leisure Time After Work: Leisure can also be termed as someone being in a relaxed mode, having free or spare time to put the mind and body at rest. After the day’s work, whenever it is observed that one is stressed up, it is advisable to take some time and have a leisure time in order to relax one self and reduce stress well enough so that one would be able to be strong and fit to carry out work the next day.

14. Engage in a Hobby: Hobby can be defined as any activity one love to engage in during free time. Activities done at this time varies due to the personality of the person involved. Whenever these activities are being done, it refreshes the mentality and mindset of the person involved. This goes a long way to reduce the stress being acquired during the day. Hobby is advisably done after the day’s work so that one can be refreshed for the task to be carried out the following day.

15. Choose To Be Happy Always: To be happy means to be in a good mood, good frame of mind. Happiness makes the body look younger, healthy and allows the mindset to be fit at all times. No matter the kind of stressful nature or kind of job anyone does, it is more advisable to be happy at all times to make the mind be at peace and reduce stress at any point in time.

16. Do A Brisk Exercise: Exercise is a way of making the body come back to life through activities made by the body. It as well refreshes the mindset and mentality of the person as well. It makes the brain more active and agile at all times. Brisk exercise can be done in two ways. Firstly, when stress occurs in a place of work, one can take a little or brisk walk around the office for a while in order refresh oneself and later resume back to work. Secondly, after work, if stress is observed in the body system, a little walk can be taken a while and the stress level will be reduced to the barest minimum.

17. Love Working Under Pressure And Get Use To It: Pressure is bound to surface during the course of work whether we like it or not. For this reason, it is ideal and more preferable to love the job you do, be adapted and get use to the pressure and stress on the job. This is deriving joy working under pressure. Technically you would not know when the stress on the job is eliminated. When this happens, it works well in the subconscious mind to be ready at all times for task ahead.

18. Having A Positive Mindset: It is good to be positive minded all the time. Whenever someone is negative minded, there is tendency for the person to be weighed down due to the negative things which is perceived and conceived in the mind and brings negative attitude he or she has towards the job at hand and when this come in place, stress is bound to increase on a steady rate. Being positive minded enables someone to have a good attitude and right thinking frame of mind to the job at hand. Being positive minded will ensure to reduce stress on a person at any point in time. 

19. Having A Good Plan: Plan can be analyzed as an intention or action in mind with the purpose of doing what had been conceived earlier in order to act on it. The plan can be written, arranged or imagined in mind to achieve a better result. Once anyone has a good and concrete plan on ground and it is eventually actualized, the stress someone had already on early stage will not be there anymore.

20. Effective Communication:  Communication is the bedrock of any successful organization and mostly needed among workers in order achieve progress and success in all areas. Communication is a means of interaction between two or more people. From this analysis, we can derive that whenever stress comes during the course of the job, the person who is being stress can interact with other colleagues on the job with like minds, sharing ideas or information as regards the job and gain more ideas or resourceful tips to achieve a better result. In the course of communicating or interacting with co workers, the stress involved initially would be reduced. Good and effective communication is needed.

 21. Team Work: Team work is an act of togetherness by two or more people to do a common course or duty in order to achieve pleasant result. When the work load is much, there is bound to be stress among the workers but when there is team work among the workers with common mindset and determination, the stress level will be well managed and reduced.

 22. Working Environment: A working environment is supposed to be well kept, clean and having a conducive atmosphere for workers to do their duty. If the working environment has restricted work space, untidy and unpleasant work space, it would stress up the workers in an establishment. A good and conducive working environment would go a long way to remove stress from the workers.

 23. Good Working Policies: Working policy can be illustrated as stated rules and regulations governing an establishment that every worker should follow. Most decisions and implementations are influenced by it. If the workers working there happen to come across working policies that is not comfortable with them, there are tendencies that it would bring about stress most especially from the mindset. If the working policies are in good order as what it is suppose to be, the issues of stress among people working in the establishment would not exist.  

24. Provision Of Health Care Facilities, Programs Or Packages: Health is paramount to all individuals and all employees alongside employers. They need to be in good health at all times. If anyone working in an organization is not properly well taken care of, it would lead to depression and stress. If employees struggle to keep fit when at work, it could pose a threat for them to dutifully carry out their work properly. Provision of good health programs and facilities are essential to remove stress.

Referring to the topic on how do you handle stress and pressure at work, It can be illustrated from the above details, it can be seen that stress is not good at all in a work place and can be reduced to the barest minimum in order for the workers to be able to concentrate well enough and bring out the best in them.


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