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Ekpo Richard - Inspiration FM Best Pidgin Radio Presenter Of The Year Category PERA Awards Voting

EKPO RICHARD, INSPIRATION FM Pidgin Radio Presenter has been nominated among the categories for the Best Radio Presenter (PIDGIN) for the year 2019 in the PERA Awards.Pacesetter Entertainment & Recognition Awards (PERA) is a platform where resident and indigenes of Oyo state who have made impart in the society and the world at large are recognized and appreciated due to their roles in Entertainment and Culture.Mr Arulogun Toye, the Hon. Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism of Oyo State Government in Nigeria endorsed the Pacesetter Entertainment and Recognition Awards (PERA)which goes a long way to create public awareness of the social cultural heritage of the state. Through this platform, many prominent stars have been recognized. Clicking on this, you to the category of the Best Radio Presenter Of The Year (PIDGIN) 2019.My name is Richard Ekpo aka Rhyno007. Your Radio Presenter and Relationship Counselor on I…

Easy Steps To Create A Yahoo Account For Free

In order to create a yahoo account for free, there are several steps one need to undergo before having a yahoo email. Easy Steps To Create A Yahoo Account For FreeThe question to answer here is how do I create a yahoo account? The following below are the easy steps to create a yahoo mail for free. 1. Visiting Website:Before thinking of having a new yahoo mail for free, you would need to sign up on this platform, order to create yahoo email. It would take us to a website owned by yahoo where there are various interesting packages viewed on that platform2. Sign In: After visiting the website page or typing on the browser of which we use, we will have to go to the top left hand side of the page where we would see the word sign in and mail icons together. To open a yahoo mail, we then go ahead to click on the sign in icon which is used in creating new yahoo mail account for free.3. Create Account:After clicking on sign in, we would see where those who already h…

Easy Steps For Creating A Gmail Account Email For Free

For creating a Gmail account email, one needs to undergo some procedures. A Gmail email comes in the form
To create a Google Gmail account is good and necessary in order to communicate online with everyone and also get feedback. For creating a Gmail account email, there are various steps one need to take in order to successfully activate it for use. For this reason, we need to sign up. Gmail account can be accessed through computer systems or phones. Accessing it through the phone, most especially the use of android is through the use of a Gmail app. When using window, be typed and you would have access to Gmail account by applying the username and password but for those who do not have one, it is ideal to create or make Gmail email. How to create a Gmail account will be the next in mind before accessing the Gmail account.Easy Steps For Creating A Gmail Account Email For FreeThe following below are the easy steps on how to create a Gmail account ema…