Easy Steps For Creating A Gmail Account Email For Free

Steps For Creating A Gmail Account Email For Free - Inemac

For creating a Gmail account email, one needs to undergo some procedures. A Gmail email comes in the form of username@gmail.com.     
To create a Google Gmail account is good and necessary in order to communicate online with everyone and also get feedback. For creating a Gmail account email, there are various steps one need to take in order to successfully activate it for use. For this reason, we need to sign up.

Gmail account can be accessed through computer systems or phones. Accessing it through the phone, most especially the use of android is through the use of a Gmail app. When using window, www.gmail.com can be typed and you would have access to Gmail account by applying the username and password but for those who do not have one, it is ideal to create or make Gmail email. How to create a Gmail account will be the next in mind before accessing the Gmail account.

Easy Steps For Creating A Gmail Account Email For Free

The following below are the easy steps on how to create a Gmail account email for free.

1. Google Account: If you want to create a Gmail account login, first and foremost, one needs to create a Google account by clicking on create a gmail account.

2. Google Account Creation: After clicking on this link, the next phase for creating a Gmail account email is filling in the forms as indicated on Google Account Creation.

3. Filling Personal Names: Whoever wants to fill the form must input his or her name, that is the first and the last name. After this point we have to create username and password.

4. Create Username: Also, there is a need for the desired username to be filled in as well such as username@gmail.com. There are times that the username being filled on the form may not be accepted and options related to your username would be given. The reasons why the username being typed is not taken may be due to the fact that someone else has taken or used the username before you decide to make use of it. It is either you choose the options given to you or you try one or more username to suit what you want. The username you choose to use would be the username everyone who tries to have access to you would see and make use of in order to reach to you.

5. Fill In Your Password: After that, the next stage is to fill in your password. It is advisable to fill in from eight (8) characters/digits or more. The use of numbers, letters and symbols can be used based on what the person desire to fill. The characters altogether must not be less than eight (8). If all the characters filled in is less than eight in the password spaces, then creating of the Gmail account would not be successful. The combination of letters, numbers and symbols as your password would make it stronger and difficult for anyone to have any access or open your Gmail account.

6. Confirming Password: After filling in the password, you will also confirm that password by repeating that password you use initially for the second time.

7. Clicking Next Button: After filling in the form appropriately, you will now click on the next button. If per adventure you did not fill in any of the spaces in the electronic form and you click on next, it will not take you to the next step but refer you to the place where proper attention is needed to be filled for the process to get to the next step.

8. Verification Of Phone Number: The next stage after the next button is clicked, it will prompt you to where your phone number will be needed for you to fill it in for the need to verify your Gmail account alongside your phone number. After filling in your phone number, you will then click on the next button.

9. Need For Alternative Email: After that, there is a space for you to fill in your alternative email. Both the alternative email and the phone number are being filled in for the process of creating a Gmail account email so that at any point in time whenever you want to recover your Gmail address, the alternative email and phone number would be of great help for the recovering of your Gmail account.

10. Date Of Birth: Your month, day and year of birth would be needed for you to fill it in. It is necessary for you to fill in the correct details so that it will be easy for you to remember at any point in time.

11. Identifying Gender: The next is to fill in the gender. Gender in this case refers to the sex of the person involve. That is either male or female.

12. Confirmation Via Next Button: You can now go on to select the next button.

13. Privacy And Policy Of Google: This will now bring you to a platform where the Privacy and Policy of Google Gmail account will be brought out for you to read thoroughly in order for you to know the details and will be left with the option of clicking on "CANCEL" or "I AGREE" button. If you click on "CANCEL", the creating of Gmail account would be stopped but if you click on "I AGREE" button, the progress to the next stage.

14. Clicking On “I Agree” Button: Once the I Agree button is clicked, the process for creating Gmail account will be successful.

15. My Account Page: At this stage, it will prompt you to My Account Page. My Account Page is a platform that makes it easier for you to have any details concerning you, your email address and your Google account relating your email address.

16. Ready For Use: Once the Gmail account is gotten, you can now use it to send and receive messages at any point in time. Your Gmail account can be accessed through the computer systems or phones.

For creating a Gmail account email step by step, the following above is needed for it to be successful. With this process, it will be easy steps for creating a Gmail account email for free.