Married But Disappointed - Tonight on Sharing Life Issues with Rhyno007

Married But Disappointed - Tonight on Sharing Life Issues with Rhyno007 - Inemac

Tonight on Sharing Life Issues with Rhyno007

Hi please, I really need help before I lose my mind completely. I am 27years and my hubby is 39years old, rich and cheerful giver. He loves me so much and can't do anything without me, He lavish me with cash and that was the reason when he proposed I didn't reconsider before accepting his proposal. He did what was expected of him by allowing us to wed traditionally with numerous individuals and a couple of his yet without his parent and his reason was they were extremely sick, when the day was over we stopped in a Guest room for a week and returned to Abuja. l was not comfortable because he didn't take me to see his home and people in the village, l got stressed, even though l have spoken to his parent for a couple of times yet l needed to see them and make myself known to them as his better half. He continued disclosing to me his people are terrible they intend to kill him. He is of great help and assistance to people, aunties’ uncles, loved ones and friends alike. In his office, individuals there are doing pretty nothing or nothing with a salary in high sum.

Four months later, there was a miscarriage and my subconscious mind disclosed to me something wasn't right someplace. So l demanded visiting his village with or without him, after much contention and seeing that I was troubled again he later agreed. We found his home in Ibadan and I was unable to believe my eyes, l saw my mom and father-in-law in a pitiable old house and back in Abuja, we live in a mansion with eight rooms.  l was confused.  She just began crying, thanking God for me and saying thanks to me for making her son return home since they haven't seen him for a considerable length of years and that they have been hearing that their child was rich yet never enjoyed his wealth.

I observed that when l was purchasing things for his mother, my husband would not give me cash? First time in history since l met him, he has never rejected me anything, I had to inquire as to whether genuinely he was their child and she said yes. l took my bag and luggage and ran away. Mr. Richard, as I am writing this, I am in my friend's apartment since l can't think right for once. What should I do, where should l go to. My family sees my husband to be a semi-god yet his parents are suffering. It's been four days now, my husband has been calling and sending messages. However, I am not picking his calls. Kindly advise me and please stop me before I kill myself and end it all. I am really sorry for the long post.

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