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Definitely Sure But Confused Of What To Do - SHARING LIFE ISSUES with Rhyno007 (Love Therapist) - Inemac

Definitely sure but confused about what to do is the state am in and really need some advice and counseling. I will freely appreciate everyone’s comments.

Greetings Sir Rhyno007 (Love Therapist). Kindly hide my identity. The cousin to my husband who is 16 years of age is staying with us. We accommodate her for 3 years now. She is in JSS 3.  I attempt my best to take care of her and she has anything she needs. Not long ago, when taking care of the clothes, her shirt fell down then I saw condoms fell from her pocket.

I was truly stunned and confused that I didn't have a clue what to state to her. by what method would it be advisable for me to approach this issue? Should I tell her father since she doesn't have a mother?

Truly, I am definitely sure but confused about what to do and need counseling, I don't have it in mind sending her back because she does not have any home and her father just squats. What should I do? Really confused and stressed because I have 2 children and my first kid is a four-year-old boy who stays in the same room and sleeps on the same bed.

As of late, she is even the one showing my child his assignments, how sure am I that they are not doing it when I leave them to study? I so want to give her corporal punishment since I'm truly vexed and confused right now because my husband doesn't know about it and I don't really want her to leave since she doesn't have any place to go but I'm grieved. I really need help. Please, everyone, advise me because am definitely sure but confused about what to do.

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  1. You need to first be very sure of the origin of those condoms in her bag. She might have been given I'm school during one of these enlightenment programs done by NGO on safe sex. Or any other thing. It's time for you to act as her mother here and reason with her calmly and teach her more on what she needs to know and not run into conclusion about it. God will guide you through.



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